Feeling the insufficient educational facilities for our community here in Riyadh, we decided to gather few friends to take a start of a school for the community which would cater for the educational needs of our community. This school with the name of Al NASEEM INTERNATIONAL EDUCATION SCHOOL RIYADH (NIESR) will provide the quality of education at the affordable cost in an Islamic friendly environment. The needy students will be accommodated with either free or discounted tuition fee.

NIESR will be committed to provide the students quality education with a positive emphasis on character foundation, co-operation and quest for excellence. It prepares them intellectually and emotionally to excel and teaches them to face challenges and responsibilities of life.

Our student is our main concern!  The aim of the school is to ensure that each student achieves his / her potential.  The secure and nurturing environment of NIESR, Riyadh is ideal for developing personality as well as practical skills.  We would like you to choose NIESR for a wonderful start to your child’s academic life.  Whether your child is with us for a limited period, we extend our warm welcome to you and your child.