Fee Table

The following payment will also be payable, in addition to the above mentioned tuition fee

Fee Policy

I. Fee Payment Rules

Presently the fee payment options are  

  1. Full Payment: At the start of the session
  2. 2 Advance Installments:
    1. 1st Installment in the month of September     b. 2nd Installment in the month of February
  3. 3 Advance Installments:
    1. 1st Installment in September               b. 2nd Installment in January               c. 3rd Installment in April

NOTE: Once the fee is paid and classes are started, the fee will not be refunded. The tuition fee of the remaining months, if any will be refunded after the clearance from the school

II. Fine & Penalties

  1. Payment can be made till 10th of the month without incurring any fine.
  2. If fee is not paid by the 10th of the month, it will incur a fine of SR. 2/- per child per day.
  3. If the fee remains unpaid for 2 months, the student will be expelled from school. If the school fee is paid after the student is expelled, SR. 500/- readmission fee will be charged.
  4. This is a fixed policy, therefore, no further reminders will be sent and no discussion will be entered into.
  5. The school has the right to take legal action against those parents who will be fee defaulter for more than 3 months

III. Refund/Clearance Procedure

  1. To apply for certificates and result cards, clearance is required from the school. Clearance is subject to the return of school books and belongings and on full payment of outstanding dues.
  2. Parents who wish to withdraw their children are required to inform minimum fifteen (15) days in advance. It will facilitate the timely receiving of SLC and refund if any.
  3. If withdrawal notice is received after the 25th of a month, the next month fee will also be payable for the clearance
  4. If the dues are not paid, the school will not issue SLC and any refund, if any, will be withheld.
  5. School will not issue certificates and result cards in case of outstanding fee.
  6. No Fee refund claim will be entertained after a year from the date of school leaving.

I, ___________________________________ Father/Mother of ___________________________________

agree to the above fee policy of the school.


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