All students with legal residential status (Iqama holders) can apply for the admission. Students coming from other schools in Saudi Arabia are required to submit previous School Leaving Certificate duly attested by the Ministry of Education and the result cards. Other requirements are stated on admission form.

Procedure for admission in NIESR is as follows;

STEP 1 – Registration

Please register your child/children as per schedule announced by the school on yearly basis either online or in school admission office.

STEP 2 – Entry Test / Interview

Admission will be subject to the Entrance Test result or interview with the parents and fulfilling of School criteria. School will notify the test/interview date.

STEP 3 –Documents and Fee Submission

Parents of the successful candidates will be required to submit the fee and the following documents.

  • Admission Forms (Duly Filled)
  • Copy of the student’s Birth Certificate.
  • Copy of Mother’s Father’s & Student’s passport.
  • Copy of Residence Permit/ID (Iqama) of Mother, Father & Student. If the Iqama is under process, please provide as soon as possible.
  • Copy of the student’s Vaccination/ Immunization Certificate.
  • (2) passport size photos of the student
  • Previous Reports Cards (if applicable/not required for KG-1 students).
  • If Students are coming from a school in Saudi Arabia, they must submit all official transcripts (duly attested by Ministry of Education in Saudi Arabia) ۔If Students are transferring from a school outside Saudi Arabia; their Report Cards & Transcripts must be authenticated by the Saudi Embassy in the country in which the student last attended the school.
  • A School Leaving Certificate from the previous school (stating the date of enrolment, the grade completed, the result at the end of that grade and the date of withdrawal).

Important Note:

  • NIESR reserves the right to deny admission or continued education if documentation for admission has been falsified or withheld.
  • Please Contact Account Office for the payment of School Fees. Students will be allowed to join the class only after the payment of Admission Dues and Tuition Fee. Please see Fee Structure, Payment Terms & Conditions for further details.
  • Parents failing to deposit the fee within the dates announced by the school will lose the seat, and admission will be offered to the next candidate in waiting list. 


  • All withdrawal request must be in writing on the specified form (available in the office)
  • The effective date of withdrawal is the date when withdrawal form is submitted in the office.
  • Tuition fee and security refund, if any, will be based on the date when this form is submitted.
  • If withdrawal notice is received after the 25th of a month, the next month fee will also be payable for the clearance

I.              Fee Payment Rules

Presently the fee payment options are  

  1. Full Payment: At the start of the session
  2. 2 Advance Installments:
    • 1st Installment in the month of September
    • 2nd Installment in the month of February
  3. 3 Advance Installments:
    • 1st Installment in September
    • 2nd Installment in January
    • 3rd Installment in April

NOTE: Once the fee is paid and classes are started, the fee will not be refunded. The tuition fee of the remaining months, if any will be refunded after the clearance from the school

II.            Fine & Penalties
  1. Payment can be made till 10th of the month without incurring any fine.
  2. If fee is not paid by the 10th of the month, it will incur a fine of SR. 2/- per child per day.
  3. If the fee remains unpaid for 2 months, the student will be expelled from school. If the school fee is paid after the student is expelled, SR. 500/- readmission fee will be charged.
  4. This is a fixed policy, therefore, no further reminders will be sent and no discussion will be entered into.
  5. The school has the right to take legal action against those parents who will be fee defaulter for more than 3 months
III.         Refund/Clearance Procedure
  1. To apply for certificates and result cards, clearance is required from the school. Clearance is subject to the return of school books and belongings and on full payment of outstanding dues.
  2. Parents who wish to withdraw their children are required to inform minimum fifteen (15) days in advance. It will facilitate the timely receiving of SLC and refund if any.
  3. If withdrawal notice is received after the 25th of a month, the next month fee will also be payable for the clearance
  4. If the dues are not paid, the school will not issue SLC and any refund, if any, will be withheld.
  5. School will not issue certificates and result cards in case of outstanding fee.

No Fee refund claim will be entertained after a year from the date of school leaving.

The following payment will also be payable, in addition to the above mentioned tuition fee

  • 5% Discount will be given for this year to compensate 10% increase in VAT
  • Books for KG Section SR 300/-
  • Books for Grade 1-3 SR 500/-
  • A uniform will be provided by the School on admission only
  • VAT @ 15% on total payment

You are required to read the school fee policy on the back and sign it

NIESR have limited transport facility, and please note that admission in school does not provide guarantee for the provision of school transport. We try our best to accommodate maximum requests but still subject to availability of seats and routes in your area. School is not bound at all to provide compulsory transport facility to all the admitted students currently. Please note:

1. Transport facility is optional and only available on request.

2. Transport fee is payable for full fee term or monthly basis.

3. For Cancellation of transport service, minimum (15) days advance notice is required before the expiry of the month, otherwise next month transportation fee will be charged in full.

4. In case if transport is required for a short term period due to emergency circumstances minimum payment would be for whole month, even if the bus is utilised for a part of a month, full month fee is payable.

A. Student Conduct on School Buses

Orderly behaviour on the transportation system is of utmost importance. Children who misbehave on the bus distract the driver, thereby endangering themselves and others may be denied this bus service. Students being transported are under the authority of the bus driver just as they are under the authority of the classroom teacher(s) while at school. In addition, the school administration continues to have authority over consequences for misbehaviour while on the school bus. Students shall consider the school bus an extension of the classroom and shall observe established and appropriate standards of classroom behaviour and dress while riding a bus. Students shall also observe the following specific standards:

Follow directions immediately when asked.

  • Students must remain seated until the bus reaches the student’s destination.
  • Keep all parts of your body inside the bus and to yourself.
  • Students are prohibited from fighting; loud talking; using vulgarity; pushing; spitting; throwing objects off the bus; horseplay; hanging out the windows; eating; drinking; chewing gum; or any other disruptive behaviour.
  • The bus driver is in full charge of the bus and the students are expected to follow directions given by drivers and/or bus Prefects.
  • Students are not to damage or deface school property.
  • Buses must be kept safe and clean. Any damage will be paid for by the offender.
  • Upon dismissal from the classroom, students are expected to report to their assigned buses in an orderly manner in time.
  • The buses cannot wait; students must be on time.
  • Students are to remain at a safe distance from the road while waiting for the bus.
  • Students are to ride only the buses to which they are assigned by their home address unless a change is authorized by the principal or transportation in charge.
  • Bus drivers have the authority to assign seats for any reason.
  • Students should report unsafe behaviour to the driver or the Class Teacher.

B. Disciplinary Procedures for Bus Riders

Riding a school bus is a privilege. The safety and well-being of the students and the bus driver are of utmost importance. It is the responsibility of the Class Teacher to act upon discipline referrals submitted by bus drivers. In cases of severe offenses, the principal, in consultation with the Class Teacher, may take direct action without following the regular sequence of consequences given below.

1. On first offense, parents will be notified by phone, if possible, and in writing. Additional disciplinary action consistent with school policy may be applied.

2. If there is a second infraction, parents will again be notified. The student will also be removed from the bus for one week (five consecutive school days). Additional disciplinary action consistent with school policy may be applied.

3. Should a third infraction occur, parents will again be notified and the student will be removed from the bus for two weeks (10 consecutive school days). Additional disciplinary action consistent with school policy may be applied. 4. In the event of a fourth infraction, parents will be notified by phone or by a visit from the family member. The student will be removed from the bus for the remainder of the school year and disciplinary action consistent with school policy may be applied. The student may be allowed bus privileges on the afternoon the suspension occurs, unless other arrangements are made between the parent and the principal.

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